My wines

My wines are produced
in tiny quantities.

My wines are produced in tiny quantities.
Process of winemaking is a traditional process: long macerations on the skins and only indigenous yeasts are used to ferment.
Before bottleing wines are perfected and not filtred: in a period of nine months, wine are cleaned by their settlements.
This process is ritualized according with the lunar cycle and through periods of settling some months long.
Wines are always wines from a year with different parameters every year according with different seasons and effects of nature on the production cycle.

Following a model of winemaking related to myth of terracotta and tradition of indigenous yeasts, I try to promote a natural style of winemaking and to contribute to the return to primordial taste of wine. I try to produce wines with character, opened to unlimited possibility of interpretations that can be appreciated for the emotional features that they own. I would like that every bottle of wine could contribute to an atmosphere, that could be drunk in a ample glass and accompanied by an excellent course.

In the vineyard I have an holistic approach based on the rudiments of natural agricolture and biodynamic. Soil is treated with the grass growing control while to contrast vineyard's set of problems I treat plants with products admitted in organic agriculture like sulfer, copper, antagonistic and corroborating products.
Production is a slow manual work according to naturalness of wine.

White Wine

Terre sospese 2015

White wine made in Italy
product in quantities 1200 bottles.

20 euro


White wine

Terre sospese 2014

White wine made in Italy
product in quantities 900 bottles.

20 euro


Rosè wine

Una notte

Rosè Wine made in Italy
product in quantities 300 bottles.

30 euro


Dessert wine


Wine from dried grapes made in Italy
product in quantities 300 bottles.

40 euro


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